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User login required in order to access the system.


Starting screen


The main screen of the system.  Most of the frequently used functions can be found on the tool bar, other functions can also be activated using the menu bar.


Master file maintenance screen.


Purchase Order.  All purchase information can be inputted through this screen.  Sample photo of the purchased item can also stored into this system.


Second page of Purchase Order, order items (fabric) can be entered in this page by pressing the [Edit Item] button in the middle of the screen.


Order Fabric input screen.


Generate worksheet to send to the factory for manufacturing.


Worksheet can be export to a Microsoft® Word file, so that the content can be modify by the user.


Invoice and Packing List. After finished all Purchase Orders, invoice and packing list can be produced according to the information entered in P.O.


Invoice can also export to Microsoft® Word file. All quantity and price of goods will be calculated automatically.


Shipping forms. All trading shipping forms can be printed using this system, including C/O Application Form, Import Notification, Export Licence Form 4, Export Notification I & II.


Besides generate reports in Microsoft® Word format, a powerful reporter is also included in this system. All types of complicated reports can be generated using this reporting system.
A powerful searching system can help the users to find data that match a set of specific criteria.




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