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IT Inventory System

In view of the lack of Inventory System specifically for the IT industry in the market, Algorithm System Consultant's IT Inventory System is act as an IT warehousing system that stores all information about software and hardware installed in user's PC. For ease of use, the system was designed in an Excel-like user interface. The design is very close to an Excel interface and of course, in a structured and systematic way! More functions will be added to the system in the future. However, most of the basic functions are developed and any comments are all welcome.

IT Inventory System is now release to the public and offer to download for FREE now! It is free of charge for both commercial and personal use and are not time restricted. Free version comes with Microsoft® Access database (Windows™ Version) while Microsoft® SQL Server version is available in Full version, operation efficiency was significantly enhanced. For bugs report, please email to bugs@algorithm.com.hk.



  • Company Master
  • Department Master
  • Staff Details
  • Software Master
  • Hardware Master
  • User Login Maintenance
  • Software List
  • Hardware List
  • IP List
  • Software Key
  • Find and Filter Function
  • Export to Excel
  • Integrated between Windows and Android version
  • Support Both Microsoft® Access and SQL Server Database
  • Multilingual Support (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese)
  • Excel-like Interface
  • Unlimited Software, Hardware and IP Tables
  • Backup Services for disaster recovery
  • Android Tablet Support




Android version now available!


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