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In an organization, HR Managers are assigned the task of attracting and maintaining a quality workforce and hence they play a crucial role in the organization’s success. Responsibilities include a variety of functions such as recruitment, employee performance management, training, compliance to regulations, and retaining employees.

The HR Manager System helps HR Managers keep a tab on the employee composition and distribution within the organization. During the performance review cycle, it provides information on the status of performance reviews and helps the HR Manager in quickly identifying bottlenecks associated with it. As a part of employee engagement, the HR Manager System displays various activities conducted on a monthly basis. It also displays details about training conducted for employees under various categories, info about attrition rates at the organization and business unit level, shows job opening details and employee referrals along with interview schedules for hiring to help with recruitment management. Overall, the system aims at helping HR Managers in their task of attracting, retaining and maintaining a good quality workforce and thereby helping the organization in reaching their business targets.




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