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GroupBoard Workspace is designed to provide a collaborative platform for team-based information sharing and joint documentation creation. The lists in GroupBoard Workspace provide visibility for key information, including group schedules, the movements of group members, equipment reservations and memos circulated to the group.

Key Features and Benefits:

Schedule and Reservations: Manage reservations made by individual members and by the group as a whole. This feature can also be used to reserve conference rooms and equipment needed for meetings. The information can be accessed and edited directly from Outlook, so you can manage reservations in relation to other reservations made by individual members and by the group as a whole.

Organization: The organizational chart is a quick and simple way to identify members' positions within the company and to select phone memo destinations and meeting participants. You can specify the order in which team leaders and members are displayed, and register the same user in multiple organizations.

What's New: This function allows you to quickly share new developments. It also lets you see the latest information at a glance, including requests to attend newly arranged meetings and memos addressed to you.

Time Card: Simply enter data from the top page on the team website in the time card to automatically calculate attendance records. This feature also provides ample support for flexible time systems, allowing you to customize the settings in line with the company's standard business hours and holidays.

Whereabouts: This function allows you to quickly check on the whereabouts of group members. It tells you when they plan to be out of the office and how they can be reached. When the time card data is entered, members' "Out" and "Return" information is automatically updated. This information is then linked to phone memos, schedules and reservations, making the template even more user-friendly.

Phone Memos: This feature records phone memos that arrive while group members are not available. When you enter details of a phone call that is to be returned, the information is displayed on the absent group member's home page. This provides a safe and secure way of passing on details of missed calls to group members who are out of the office.

Memos: This feature simultaneously notifies group members of memos and other notices that they need to read. It also shows whether or not group members have opened and read their memos, helping to ensure that everyone is kept up to speed on important information.

Online and mobile access to team information from a range of devices: The team site can be accessed by most web browsers, including Internet Explorer. Users can also actively participate in information sharing from their mobile devices using views designed specifically for mobile phones.

Access to team information from a variety of sources, even when offline: An RSS reader is all that is needed to remain up to date with your team. You can use the Windows SharePoint Services integration with Outlook to view lists and documents even while offline.

Direct access to team information via Outlook: Use Outlook to connect to the team website and access lists and libraries. You can even add scheduled team events and tasks to your own schedule simply by dragging and dropping them into your calendar. Team lists can be created and edited directly in Outlook.




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