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Controllers and Financial Analysts aim to achieve the financial goals of the corporation and help the company or client to make investment decisions. They spend a lot of time reviewing and analyzing financial information and reporting monthly, quarterly, and annual performance for customer accounts, including detailed variance analysis. They also suggest corrective measures and need to track key performance indicators to gauge corporate health on a regular basis. Controllers review overall corporate performance budgets and communicate the future growth opportunity to the management and stakeholders.

The Controller-Financial Analyst System helps controllers and financial analysts automate the process of analyzing financial data and information, helping them in their overall decision-making process. It assists in tracking top performing products and opportunities at different geography levels and also provides a graphical view of product sales and revenue. The overall design of this system is to help Controllers/Financial Analysts achieve their goals of communicating overall corporate performance, budget, and future growth projection to the management, investors, and other stakeholders.




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